Podcast #6 Essential Oils & Kids

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
Podcast #6 Essential Oils & Kids

Let’s talk about kids and essential oils.
I am not a doctor, I am just a mom here to share how I have used essential oils successfully.

Throughout history wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation especially when it comes to natural remedies and even essential oils. Essential oils date back to the Bible and were often more valued than money because it didn’t matter if you were rich and sick, without your health, you had nothing. Things like elderberry syrup, onions, & pickle socks are all wisdom passed down from other moms and relatives that care.

One way to a healthier family is detox baths.
Detox baths: 1 cup Epsom salt, ½ cup baking soda, 5-10 drops of essential oils. Add to bath tub or foot tub to pull toxins from the body.

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Essential oils support healthy kids- behavior, digestive, skin, immune & mood.
Speaking of mood, orange oils is amazing for the mood. It is known as the “let it go” oils. Drinking, diffuse, or apply topically. It is also in our Happy Roll-on: 3-5 drops each of orange, lemon, grapefruit, citrus fresh and fill to the top with carrier oil of your choice.
So what are the ways to use them with kids?
Using the vitaflex chart, I love to apply to the bottoms of the feet or area of discomfort.
This is a quick easy way to start introducing kids to oils. A drop or 2 in the diffuser and then working your way up to get the benefits and desired results.
We love to flavor our waters with essential oils and use them frequently in recipes while cooking. This is another way to support their health and well-being. In our family, citrus oils like lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, lime, citrus fresh, and orange make our water a bit less boring and more delicious. Great way to support their immune system!!

Be an empowered parent! Read, learn and trust your gut. Do research and make informed decisions. Some books I love are Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern and Evidence Based Essential Oils Therapy by Dr Scott Johnson. Also making sure that you find a doctor or practitioner that is well versed in natural alternatives like homeopathy and essential oils.

Dilution ratio for kids:
Always check labeled recommendation and then dilute accordingly.
Ages 0-1: 1/8 labeled concentration
Ages 2-6: ¼ labeled concentration
Ages 7-11: ½ labeled concentration
Ages 12+ : full labeled concentration
Grab a high-quality carrier oil for dilution. We love coconut oil and jojoba oil!
General safety guidelines for kids:
” Do not ingest for babies
” Diffuse start low and go slow
” Spot test on kids especially when sensitive
” Using essential oils in the bath with Epsom salts so that they do not sit on top of the water
” If babies/kids are new start out by wearing the oil or diffusing it in a large room

As always be informed and trust your gut!
So when in doubt…
” Start slow
” Use the bottoms of their feet for application
” Diffuse on a large area
” Apply with a carrier oil

Some oils to use caution with when using with small children are:
” Idaho Tansy
” Hyssop
” Sage
” Clary Sage
” Wintergreen
” Eucalyptus
Do your research and know your comfort level

When 800 mom’s were asked what were their must have essential oils- these are the ones that made the cut!
” Lavender~ diffused at night for calming and sleep, great for skin support and relaxing to muscles
” Thieves~ diffuse during school to cut down the crud, apply to the bottoms of the feet for a wonderful immune support, great for oral care
” RC~ supports all things respiratory and congestion, great diffused for a healthy respiratory system as well as applied topically to the chest and bottoms of the feet.
” Peace & Calming~ great to support relaxation and calming the stress of the day. Apply to the feet before bed to unwind
” Purification~ great for anything that itches, any kind of odors, and for an annoyance free outdoors
” Frankincense~ one of my favorites for immune support, grounding and sleep
” Stress Away~ this one is great for helping so sooth a child’s tough day and helping mom’s fell more in control when life gets crazy
” Copaiba~ this is the ampliphier, it magnifies other oils 10x, helps with inflammation, and is great for all over health and wellness

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to naturally supporting your children’s health and well-being with essential oils.
Do you use essential oils? Are you ready to start? And if so- how do you use essential oils for your family? I challenge you to look at an area in your family’s health that could use some support and give essential oils a try.

As always, be grateful & have faith!
God Bless!