Podcast #3 What are Essential Oils

So, let’s talk about essential oils! The first question that most people ask is what are they? Essential oils are subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark, and roots of herbs, trees, and shrubs through distillation. They have been used for thousands of years as a way to keep your body healthy. They are mentioned in the Bible directly or indirectly over 1100 times.
This was a perfect fit for our family on our journey to wellness.
Note- I am not here to treat, diagnose, or prescribe anyone or any condition, I am just a mom sharing what has worked well for me and my family.
Some general rules when using essential oils:
* Everyone is a snowflake, what works for one person might not work for the next. Just like medications, peanut butter or shampoo, if you try one and do not get the results you expected then try another
* Never place essential oils directly in the eyes or the ears. They can cause irritation. If you do (which we have just grab some carrier oil, NOT water, and wipe the area.
* Use caution when using citrus oils when going out in the sun as they are photosensitive.
You can find oils just about everywhere these days which is actually scary because not all oils are created equally. For our family, purity and quality are very important. This is why we chose Young Living. They have the Seed to Seal guarantee and you can learn more at http://www.seedtoseal.com.
Why are purity and quality important?
* 90% of oils you find are classified as perfume oils- Young Living is 100% therapeutic grade, no synthetics or extra stuff added
* essential oils can penetrate and carry nutrients through the cell walls
* when placed on the feet, they will distribute to every cell in the body within 21 minutes
How do you use essential oils?
* Aromatically: diffuse, inhale directly from the bottle, add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in a vent
* Topically: apply “neat” or diluted with a carrier oil, roll on or apply directly from the bottle
* Internally: some oils may be ingested (check labels to be sure), great to add to water, food or a capsule. Only ingest oils that are labeled to do so

Essentials oils are a wonderful way to support your overall health and wellness. They have become an important part of our daily regimen!