Podcast #2 A New Year, A New You

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Welcome to 2018, a new year brings new resolutions!
Do you make resolutions?
Do you keep them?
Most resolutions are made and maintained for only a short period, most quit within the first month of starting them. I want to share some ideas or ways that we can make them stick.

* Create a list of monthly 2018 goals. Each month you commit to trying a new restaurant, read a book, set a budget, etc.
* Do 30-day challenges. Something that will gear you to accomplish 12 small goals through the year. They say 21 days to create or break a habit.
* One yearly challenge
* Create a list of things to look forward to- a wedding, graduation, retirement, new book, movie, TV show, or gadget.
* Track or measure one thing- spending, time, weight, food, etc
* Pick a word for the year. What is something you want to accomplish? Or something you want more of? Fun, simplify, organize, freedom, etc
* Reboot an area of your life
* Do a 365 project- a photo a day, bible reading a day, a new word every day, short story/inspirational reading every day

My call to action for you is to spend some time and figure out:
* What area or areas of your life that you would like to see change?
* What change or resolution strikes a nerve with you?
* How will you stick to this goal?

Next, make your plan & be the you that you were created to be!