Popsicle Pads~ an after birth must have🤰🏻👍🏻

After having over 1/2 a dozen kids, this is one thing that I wish I had known from the beginning 😉

Popsicle pax’s! These are really a thing and they feel so good after you have birthed a child🙌🏻

They soothe the skin, help with swelling and reduce your overall healing time plus they feel amazing!!!

Check out this quick video on how I do it and the recipe below😊

DIY Popsicle Pads🤰🏻for after baby comes 😉

• 1 pad

• 1 Tbsp Aloe Vera(soothing to the skin)

• 1-2 drops of lavender

• 1-2 drops of tea tree

• 2 Tbsp witch hazel (cleansing & soothing)

❄️wrap pad up and store in the freezer🙌🏻

Let me know if you have any questions😉

God Bless &!happy birthing!!

DIY cooling mist & aftersun Spray

This has become a must have in our home during the summer months😉

Especially when I am pregnant🙌🏻☀️

Just a few simple ingredients and you are set to go!

DIY Cooling Mist & Aftersun Spray

☀️ 2 oz spray bottle

☀️ 4-6 drops YL peppermint essential oil (cools you down)

☀️ 4 drops of YL lavender essential oils (soothes the skin)

☀️ 1 tsp aloe Vera

☀️ 2 Tbsp of witch hazel

💧water to the top and shake

Use this to keep you cool all summer long and soothe the skin after being in the sun ☀️ a bit to long 😉

God Bless!

Everything Cream

This is our go to, use for all the things cream😉

If you haven’t tried it, you will want too!

🌱Everything Cream🌱

❣️4 Tbsp beeswax

❣️1 cup olive oil

❣️1 cup coconut oil

❣️1 tsp vitamin E oil

❣️12 drops lavender

❣️10 drops lemon

❣️8 drops tea tree/melaleuca

✨works for everything from diaper cream to cuts, scapes and more✨

Detox Baths

Detox baths are a simple and gentle way to eliminate toxins from your body.

Let’s be real.

We don’t always have time for a full fledged bath but we can still enjoy all of the benefits with something as simple as a foot tub and this magical little mixture😉

So here you go!

Grab some Epsom salt or sea salt, baking soda and your amazing Young Living essential oils.

Detox Bath:

• 2 cups of sea salt or Epsom salt: these will draw the toxins out through the skin

• 2 cups of baking soda: this is naturally alkalizing and helps to remove toxins

• 4 drops each of lemon, frankincense and lavender Young Living essential oils: these oils all aid in the detoxifying process as well as helping to boost the overall health of your body

Mix these together and add 2 Tbsp to your foot soak or 1 cup to you bath. Be sure to make the water as warm as possible to also aid in the detoxification process.

Do you do detox baths? Are you ready to start? What are your favorite oils to use?

God Bless!


How to Make Yogurt

How to Make Yogurt

Making your own yogurt isn’t as hard as one may think. It is actually a very simple and easy thing to do plus you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what is in your yogurt.

There are two ways that I recommend making yogurt: the good old fashion way(aka stovetop) and the new-fangled way(aka in the Instant Pot). Both ways require two simple ingredients: milk(raw or store bought but I recommend at least 2% or thicker) and a starter yogurt(plain yogurt or Greek yogurt)

The Old Fashion Way


  • 1 gallon of milk- preferably raw or whole
  • 8 oz of starter (plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt)


  1. Heat milk in a stainless steel pan over medium heat until it reaches 165-185 degrees.
  2. Cool, either by sitting on the counter or in a cool water bath until the temperature drops to 110 degrees.
  3. Add culture-2 oz of starter (of yogurt from a previous batch, store-bought yogurt) per quart of milk(so 8 oz for a gallon). Gently stir just enough to incorporate into the milk.
  4. Pour into mason jars and put the jars into the oven with the light on for 8-24 hours. I like to place in warm water (110-115 degrees) and put in the oven but some just place the jars in too. The light should provide a consistent heat of about 110 degrees.
  5. Put jars into the refrigerator until the yogurt is cold and set.
  6. Once the yogurt is set you can pour off the liquid whey from the top or strain the yogurt using cheesecloth for a thicker consistency(Greek yogurt).
  7. Enjoy!

The New- Fangled Way


  • 1 gallon of milk- preferably raw or whole
  • 8 oz of starter (plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt)


  1. Pour milk into Instant Pot(IP), hit yogurt button and then hit adjust until you select the “Boil” option
  2. Walk away and it will shut off when it is done (magic!!)
  3. Once it is done boiling, you can allow to cool on its own or put it in a cold water bath until the temperature is down to 110 degrees
  4. Once the milk reaches 110 degrees you can gently add the starter yogurt
  5. Again select the yogurt button and adjust it from “boil” to anywhere from 8-24 hours.
  6. Once the allotted time is up, put yogurt into mason jars and allow it to cool and set up in the refrigerator.
  7. Once the yogurt is set you can pour off the liquid whey from the top or strain the yogurt using cheesecloth for a thicker consistency(Greek yogurt).
  8. Enjoy!

Elderberry Gummies

Elderberry syrup is amazing for us so why not take the process one simple step further and make gummies!

It is not as hard as you may think- it’s actually super simple.

All you need is 1 cup of your already amazing homemade Elderberry Syrup and a few other ingredients and it literally only takes about 5 minutes to make.

Elderberry Gummy’s Recipe

• Coconut oil to grease your silicone molds

• 1 cup of Elderberry syrup(we prefer homemade)

• 1/4 cup of unflavored gelatin

• 1/2 cup of hot but not boiling water

Mix up 1/4 cup of the Elderberry syrup with 1/4 cup of gelatin. Whisk together completely. Then add in 1/2 cup of hot water and mix. Finally add the remaining 3/4 cup of Elderberry syrup and combine completely. Pour into greased silicone molds. Put the molds into the refrigerator until completely set up(this typically takes 1-2 hours). Remove from the molds and store in an air tight container for up to 3 weeks(if they last that long😉).

Here is a quick video showing just how easy it is!

I hope you enjoy these delicious immune boosting treats!

God Bless!

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup has been seen in many places these days but it is not really a new thing.

Elderberries have been around forever. They have been used in things like jam, wine, pies and more. This is actually one of the ways that they were found to work so well for so many different ailments. One of my personal favorite ways to use them is in Syrup and gummies for immune support.

Both are actually quiet easy to make in just a few simple steps that anyone can do.

I have broken it down here for you😉

Step 1: summer your berries and water for 45-60 minutes.

Step 2: Strain your berries

Step 3: add your honey(alternatives are maple syrup or xylitol)

Step 4: then add your essential oils. If you do not have essential oils be sure to grab yours here as these are all vitality oil and safe for internal consumption!

Why do I use oils instead of herbs? The frequency in essential oils are much higher due to their concentration levels which helps the body to heal itself much quicker.

Step 5: pour into a jar or contain. Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. Recommended dosing for adults is 1 tsp daily and 1/2 tsp daily for children.

So simple and easy!

This is one of the best ways to combat the crud and support your immune system😊

Homemade Oil Infused Elderberry Syrup recipe

1 cup dried organic elderberries

4 cups purified water

1-1/2 cups raw honey

7 drops Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

3 drops Thieves Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

1 drop Frankincense Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

1 drop Nutmeg Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

1 drop Cinnamon Bark Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

1 drop Clove Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

1 drop Ginger Young Living copaiba vitality essential oil

Have you made Elderberry Syrup? Are you ready to try?