Savvy Minerals~

Have you tried the new Savvy Minerals?

Not only are they free of all the yuck and nourishing for your skin but they are also FULL coverage! Yes you ready that right, mineral make-up that is also full coverage!

Here is a quick low down of what to use and how to use the,.

*Note* I am not a make up artist just sharing how I use them 🙂

Be grateful & have faith!
God bless!

Breathe Roll-on

Tis the season for respiratory support.

What do you use?

My go to is my Breathe Roll-on.

It is a combo of frankincense and cardamom 🙂

For babies(under 12 months) I use 2 drops of cardamom and 2 drops of frankincense in a 10 ml bottle with a carrier oil of your choice.

I up this recipe for ages 1 and up to 5 drops of cardamom and 5 drops of frankincense in a 10 ml roller bottle with your choice of carrier oil.

I love this blend for supporting our respiratory system.

Happy Monday!

God bless!



So I decided to do this 5 day cleanse.

It is a gentle cleanse. It has a lot of health benefits. I am still able to eat a few snacks(some fruits/veggies/nuts/broth)a day.

You wake up and take the Digest & Cleanse(super gentle- definitely don’t feel like I am running to the bathroom or anything). You wait 30-60 min and have your Balance Complete shake/smoothie. Add some oils to this to add some fun flavors. Then you have a snack. You continue to repeat this process for lunch and supper. Drink lots of water.

I really have not been hungry but to be honest- I like to eat.

I love food.

Not bad food but food.

I also know that I eat when I am not hungry.

Why? Because food tastes good and I love food.

It is a struggle. I can be totally unaware of what I am eating.

So going forward- food? Yes!

Tracking my food? Yes

I feel like this will hold me accountable.

Do you love food?


God bless!