💜Camper Remodel💜

I love to camp!

We recently upgraded our 2000 camper to a 2001 camper(I know big jump 😉) with a slide out. We have so much more space and everyone has a place to sleep. When you have a family of 10 this can be a challenge.

One thing I didn’t totally love was how dark everything seemed. So Pinterest to the rescue, I got some ideas and with a few of my kids help we totally revamped the camper and now I am in love! It is totally like a sanctuary for me😊 we just have to redo the flooring and it will be like a completely new camper 😃👍🏻

Check out the before(it was already being torn apart so excuse some of the mess😬)…

And now the afters(seriously in love💕💕💕)…

We have a new light colored couch(actually it’s a click clack, so it fold easily like a futon, so much easier than the old couch and it fits the new lighter colors).

Have you ever remodeled a camper? Would you consider it?

We are truly in love with the transformation it has made💜

Author: Simple Blessing & Oils

Daughter of the King*Wife to My Love/Farmer/Firefighter*Homeschooling mom of 8 children*learning how to be more natural and save money

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