Meet Amanda 
Hey friend! My name is Amanda and I am a wife to a full-time farmer & mother to 9 amazing humans. Motherhood is what brought me to where I am today. I was a young mom with a brand new baby and some decisions that just did not sit well with me mainly va((ines… I went to the appointments, was reassured this was best, watched them jab those precious legs of my firstborn with toxins that were “good for her,” and then was politely handed a colorful piece of paper with a few of the risks & side effects, including death. I cried, this should not be what a well-child visit looked like. It took me until her 2-year shots to wake up when I refused the chickenpox va((ine because I had had chickenpox, it was not that bad but according to them she could die without it. I left the office without the shot and feeling like the worse mom in the world because of what was said by the “expert.” This is where it all started, the rabbit hole of research and truth-seeking to make some pretty drastic changes in our life. I stand for empowering moms. We know our kids. We have a choice and we should always have a voice. We have the right to the truth, to ask questions, and to know that there is more than just one way of doing things.

I want moms everywhere to know that God created you to do amazing things, even if it is just within the four walls of your home. All it takes is one small step in a new direction and you don't have to do it alone. I pray that you find hope in a new way of doing things, comfort in knowing that you are not alone while doing them, and happiness in having a tribe here to encourage you.

How many times have you wanted another option? How many times have you thought there has to be a better way? 
It's time to start trusting that mama instinct and experiencing something different!

Come and join our exclusive empowered mama community and find freedom in the information and knowledge we share! It free!

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